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Google Pay gets Buy Now Pay Later option, other features to simplify online transactions

Porni Banerjee | ২৩ মে ২০২৪ ১৩ : ৩২

Google has announced that it has introduced three new features to the Google Pay app to ease online transaction process for the users. The new updates, intended to facilitate safe and secure checkout experience, include checking your card benefits before making a payment, accessing the ‘buy now, pay later’ option and securely autofill card details.

The feature that displays benefits of each card will enable users identify which card will offer them the best rewards every time they make a purchase. In this way, users can understand which card to use for maximum benefits.

Additionally, the ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ (BNPL) is increasingly gaining traction from the consumers as it offers flexible payment option to make payments easier. With BNPL, shoppers can buy a product immediately, but pay over time through installments rather than paying the full payment. This will help those consumers who would like to make larger purchases.

Whereas, Google has recently made the ‘autofill’ payment option more convenient and faster by automatically entering your shipping, billing, and payment details during online checkout. With this improvement, Google has not only made the payment option faster, but safe and secure as well, ensuring that the sensitive information is protected.

For making any payment, Google Pay has the option of biometric authentication methods such as fingerprint sensor, face scan and screen lock PIN. This means that you no longer need to manually enter your security code before any purchase. This will help accelerate the transaction and reduce the chances of errors. 

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