Bengal experiences thick blanket of fog, visibility disrupted


Bengal woke up to a foggy morning on Monday despite very less winter chills. Heavy fog blanketed across most parts of the state early morning which obstructed clear visibility to many including passengers and drivers. The visibility was less than 50 metres this morning. According to airport sources, lower visibility restricted flight take off and landing at the same time. Moreover, many flights have to be rescheduled as well.

According to the Alipore Meteorological Department, the maximum temperature on Monday in Kolkata and adjoining areas may hover around 29.4 degrees Celsius, which is 4 notches below normal. The minimum temperature, on the other hand, was 17.6 degrees Celsius, one degree below normal. This weather is likely to continue with prevalence of fog across several districts of the state for the next few days. Meanwhile, traffic jams were also observed in some parts of Kolkata in the morning due to lower visibility. 

According to meteorologists, this is the final lap of winters before the onset of spring and that there is no possibility of it to return once again. Temperature will continue to fluctuate as well. Although rain was forecast for Sunday, no district in the state received much rain. 

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