Bird flu resurfaces in Maharashtra, Bihar amid Covid pandemic


In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, India reported an outbreak of a highly infectious H5N1 bird flu virus in Maharashtra and Bihar.  However, administration has said that there is nothing to panic at this very moment.

One hundred chickens died suddenly in Vehli village under Shahpur tehsil of Thane. According to an all-India media report, Thane district magistrate Rajesh J. Narvekar has already directed the animal husbandry department to bring the infection under control. When samples of the dead birds were sent to a laboratory in Pune, it was found that the birds died due to flu infection after testing the samples. According to sources, the local administration of Thane near Mumbai has therefore decided to slaughter 25,000 chickens to reduce the risk of bird flu infection.

Many birds have died due to the flu in a poultry farm in Bihar and Maharashtra. Out of 3,859 chickens, 787 of them have already died in that poultry farm in Bihar on 16 February. The number of dead birds at the farm has been rising since mid-January due to the flu.

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