These exercises may keep your heart diseases at bay

In the midst of continuous hectic schedule, a variety of physical and mental diseases have become a common affair. According to health experts, emotional stress, tension, uncontrolled lifestyle and improper eating habits contribute to such bodily disorders including high blood pressure and diabetes. Meanwhile, the younger generation is seen to be facing hypertension which can aggravate heart disorders in future.

Hence, experts suggest laying equal emphasis to physical exercises besides a right diet and an active lifestyle. Regular physical activities will not only prevent one from the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and hypertension, but help to keep weight under control.

  1. For those who cannot hit the gym due to workload, regular walk for at least 40 minutes is mandatory before going to the office or while returning home.
  2. Running along with walking also proves to be an excellent exercise which not only combats heart disorders but prevents fat accumulation as well.
  3. Additionally, cycling or swimming are also some of the best remedies to keep your body in shape.

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