Diabetes can affect even kids, know it’s symptoms

While we know diabetes is a worldwide concern especially India, recent studies have shown the disease now affecting even children aged 5-20. India is called the ‘Diabetes Capital of the World’. The frequent rise in number of children with diabetes around the world has now become a concern for health experts. 


Statistics show that more than 1 lakh children are diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes every year and experts say that children are more likely to develop this form of diabetes. In some cases, children also develop Type-2 diabetes. 


Hence, treatment at the earliest right after its diagnosis should be started with the advice of a doctor. Physicians hold uncontrolled lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise as responsible for children to develop diabetes, it is important for parents to detect the symptoms of diabetes in their young ones without any delay.


Here’s a list of symptoms of diabetes in children


1.      Babies are usually lively and playful. Almost everyone has a very high energy level. But if you notice any signs of fatigue or weakness in your child, that could probably be a sign of diabetes.

2.      Notice if your child is lose weight faster. If so, that could also be a symptom of diabetes. 

3.      Frequent hunger, dry throat, and lack of proper sleep are also symptoms of diabetes in children. 

4.      If your child is suffering from frequent urination problems for a long time, consult your physician immediately. 

5.      Diabetes causes eye-related problems. If your child complains of a blurred vision, make sure to consult a doctor. 

6.      Heartburn, nausea, and upset stomach are also some of the symptoms that may occur occasionally.

7.      Even bad smell after cleaning the face could be detected as one of the symptoms Type-1 diabetes. 

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