Lifeless hair? Here’s how you can pamper during monsoons

Who doesn’t love rains? Sitting at the balcony of our house or maybe friend’s and watching those tiny drops of rains over a cup of coffee or whiskey always delights us. Right? Listening to the chirping of birds and enjoying the pleasant weather while it rains what matters.

But as romantic as it sounds, rains, especially during monsoons can wreck havoc to your hair. While getting wet is always a fun experience, rains can damage your hair from root to tip. Dandruff is something that can as an uninvited guests due to accumulation of sweat, rain water, dust and dirt on the hair follicles. This causes hair fall as well. Hence, it is necessary to take extra care of hair in the rainy season. 

We have listed out a few simple ways to pamper your hair during monsoon season.

  1. Maintain regular hair wash. Shampooing your hair at least thrice or four times a week can eliminate the problem of dandruff.
  2. Sweat or rain water makes hair more rough and dry. Hence, you must use a suitable conditioner or hair mask after shampooing to remove roughness. 
  3. Do not forget to use an appropriate oil for your hair prior to shampooing. It is advisable you use a hydrating oil as it helps in hair smoothening.
  4. Only shampooing or oiling are not enough. It is essential that you bring changes in your lifestyle by embracing a healthy dietary habit. Eating protein-rich foods, leafy vegetables, almonds, walnuts and meaty products are recommended for complete hair nourishment.
  5. Never tie your hair when it is wet. Hair is brittle when it is wet, which increases the tendency of hair fall. Experts recommend combing the hair with a wooden comb in the rainy season. 
  6. Most importantly, it is always wise to go natural for our well being. Hence, applying a mixture of curd and honey, egg yolk and honey or simply a paste of banana on your hair as hair masks before shampooing are the best home remedies for complete hair solutions. These natural products are undoubtedly free of any harmful chemicals, animal-cruelty free and make your hair uber smooth, soft, voluminous and frizz free.

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