Martial arts, way of knowing oneself better beyond self-defense

Porni Banerjee“Return home early”, “Girls get raped”, “Women should not work late nights, it is unsafe”, - Unfortunately, these socially manufactured statements women in almost every household are bound to hear as they are considered a physically weaker gender than men. However, in reality, anybody and everybody - regardless of gender - is vulnerable when outside if they cannot defend themselves.

“Martial Arts is a very effective way of knowing yourself better. Once you know yourself, you will be able to come out of any vulnerable or critical situation as it builds a sense of confidence. Does not matter whether you are a man, woman or a child, everyone should learn at least the basic knowledge of this life skill as it helps you assess the possible threats around you and take action accordingly. If you have driving or swimming skills, likewise, you should also know martial arts”, said martial arts maestro, Prajna Dutta from Kolkata.

Discussing his perception on martial arts, Prajna Dutta said that, “This art form is beyond just a warrior tradition. Martial arts have both therapeutic and healing properties that promote a disciplined life while maintaining an equilibrium in physical and mental well being. It propagates a healthy lifestyle even at a basic level boosting self-confidence and focus and heightening great observational skills. Hence, several practices within the art cultivates self empowerment”.

Interestingly, martial arts can help one in overcoming anxiety and panic attacks issues as well. While we know yoga, meditation, nutritious meals and good sleep are remedies to combat such a mental disorder, this traditional art form also works wonders with sincerity. 

According to the instructor, martial arts definitely gives one the strength to deal with not only the vulnerabilities outside but fight emotionally, spiritually and psychologically against their inner demons and become a more energetic, empowered and confident self with consistent practice. Besides, it helps one explore their limits and thereby push themselves to become an improved self.  

As an internationally certified martial arts trainer, Prajna Dutta became one of the first Indians to be conferred the title of Guro under his Grandmaster Allan Fami. With his valuable experience, he successfully imparts knowledge on martial arts to innumerable women, men and children. Besides, he is also a filmmaker and an award-winning music composer who has collaborated with Lagnajita Chakraborty, Durnibar Saha, Arunasish Roy to name a few.

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