"Love isn’t enough"; Kajol-Ajay reveal secret to happy married life

Love is such a beautiful feeling. With love comes respect, care, concern, affection, warmth in a relationship. It even gives birth to empowerment if a partner is directed in the right path. But, love comes with a lot of challenges, which if overcome, makes the relationship everlasting. And one such example of a successful relationship is that of none other than Bollywood celebrity couple Ajay Devgn and Kajol. While we have seen many star couples parting their ways with each other after a few years of partnership, the happy married life of Ajay and Kajol indicates long-lasting strong bond.  

In an interview earlier, Devgn has said that not only love, but friendship is key to a happy married life. Here’s what the duo reveals regarding their fruitful matrimony…

  1. It’s important to admit your mistake and always apologise to your partner. It’s okay to make mistakes as none of us are born perfect. But you have to take responsibility of your own mistakes. Always ensure that small mistakes do not cause big troubles. 
  2. Respect each other's opinions. Your preferences, likes and dislikes will certainly vary from your partner, but mutual respect is very important for your relationship to keep going.
  3. Trust is the foundation of an everlasting relationship. Doubting your partner not only makes you feel insecure, but puts your relationship too in the state of vulnerability.
  4. Keep ego aside. Ego in either of the partner can destroy a beautiful relationship.
  5. Be grateful to your relationship and never forget to express genuine gratitude to your spouse/partner as the quality of being thankful comes as a blessing for each other.  

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