Here’s why you are suffering from irregular periods

Irregular periods accompanied by unbearable abdominal pain have now become a common phenomenon. Factors including poor dietary habits, sedentary lifestyle or lack of exercise could play a significant role in irregular menstruation.


Health experts say that there are several reasons behind irregular menstruation. Besides, a number of external factors can also interfere with your irregular menstrual process. Here’s what they are:

1. Excessive physical activity disrupts the cycle of regular menstrual process. Experts recommend exercising for one to two hours a day. Stretching the duration of your exercise for longer hours can give you irregular menstrual flow. 

2. Cortisol hormone is released in large quantities from excessive stress, tension and anxiety. As a result, the menstrual process is delayed. 

3. Consult your physician if you are experiencing sudden weight gain or have any excessive weight loss problems. This also disrupts the menstrual process. 

4. Breastfeeding mothers suffer from irregular menstruation. 

5. If you have diabetes, kidney problems, ovarian cysts or tumors with complex diseases, you might suffer from irregular periods. 

6. Chemotherapy, medications for thyroid and anti-depressants can also have an effect on the body that could cause menstrual problems. 

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