Here’s what you should eat to avoid Vitamin C deficiency

In the midst of hectic work schedule and increased stress, we have almost forgotten to consume a balanced diet which is loaded with essential nutrients that keep us mentally, physically and emotionally healthy.

One such essential nutrient is Vitamin C, which helps maintaining skin, oral and bone health. Besides, it also prevents immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular diseases, eye disease and helps in quicker healing of wounds. According to health experts, men should consume 90 mg of vitamin C and 75 mg of vitamin C should be consumed by women.

Some of the most common symptoms to detect vitamin C deficiency include dull-looking dry skin, reddish hair follicles, painful inflamed joints, painful scurvy, among others.

So, it is essential to include some natural sources of vitamin C to keep oneself active and healthy. Guava, containing 377 mg of vitamin C, ripe papayas (95.6mg), broccoli (81.2mg) and cabbage (80mg) are rich in vitamin C. Additionally, although lemons are also loaded with vitamin C, their prices have now skyrocketed. Hence, some other alternatives also include strawberries, orange, bell pepper and lychee.

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