Caught fungal infection on your feet? Here’s what you should do

Not only your skin or hair get damaged in monsoons, but lack of proper care of your feet can also cause fungal infection especially during monsoons. Prolonged wearing of wet shoes or accumulation of water and mud in shoes can lead to fungal infection on your feet. Hence, it is necessary to take special care of your feet in monsoons. With a few simple steps at home, you can keep the infection away. 

  1. Try to keep feet dry in monsoon. If the feet are wet for a long time, your feet will start emitting bad odour that can eventually cause fungal infection later. Avoid sneakers and prefer wearing only slippers during this time for proper air circulation on your feet. This will keep infections and bad smell miles away.
  2. Clean feet with antiseptic cream mixed in lukewarm water after returning home from outside. This will reduce the tendency of infection.  
  3. Use antifungal powder on dry feet after cleaning your feet as this greatly reduces the chances of foot bacterial infection. 
  4. Always keep your toenails trimmed to avoid dirt accumulation and various seasonal infections as well.
  5. Apply a suitable foot cream after bathing and before bedtime for keeping your feet moisturized and soft. It will also keep infections at bay.

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