Here’s how severe heat waves harm your body

As the mercury is on a constant rise, people across India are bearing the brunt of intense heat and humidity. Bengal is also no exception with the temperature that went beyond 40 degrees. Heat wave conditions have been worsening day by day as summer advances and they are affecting several districts across the state. Uncomfortably warm weather can put our health at risk in a number of ways.

How can heat wave harm our body?

As the temperature rises, the body gradually becomes warmer. As a result, the blood vessels are opened. This decreases our blood pressure and our heart has to put extra effort in circulating blood all throughout the body. This can contribute to itchiness and inflammation in the legs. Although these symptoms are not very serious, excess heat can lead to too much excretion of salt and water from our bodies. These can obstruct our health systems to function normally by inviting troubles including sleepiness, vomiting, loss of consciousness, muscle cramps, headaches, excessive sweating and fatigue. If such conditions aggravate, it could lead to heart attack as well.

Why such problems occur?

Our body tries to maintain a temperature of 37.5 degree Celsius irrespective of the weather conditions. Our intestines remain active when this temperature is maintained. However, our body needs to put efforts to maintain this temperature when the outside temperature rises. As a result, blood vessels are opened for the cooling effect of the body. This leads to excess perspiration.

It is, therefore, absolutely crucial to follow some precautions to stay healthy in such severe conditions:

  1. Drink at least 4 litres of water everyday even if you are not thirsty. The habit of drinking water frequently protects your body from dehydration.
  2. Avoid eating oily and spicy foods especially during summers as they take time to digest. It is advisable to include foods that can be easily digested in your diet.
  3. Health experts recommend eating fresh fruits and vegetables especially in this season. Office goers should include salads, watermelon, cucumber, sugarcane juice, coconut water and lemon juice in their diet to beat the heat.
  4. Water mixed with salt and sugar is also beneficial as the liquid works as an energy booster during summers. You can also drink Glucon-D some time.
  5. Bath in cold water for ultimate comfort and keeping yourself cool.
  6. Avoid consuming fruits and vegetables that are cut and kept in open air for a long time as they lose half of their health benefits.
  7. Wear loose clothing in summers and never forget to carry umbrellas, sunglasses, water bottles with you. 
  8. Consult your physician if you develop muscle cramps or discomfort in your hands and feet.

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