Suffering from irregular periods? These kitchen items are your solution

Suffering from irregular periods has become quite a common phenomenon nowadays. According to latest survey, most women today suffer from irregular menstruation. Hormonal imbalances, thyroid problems, side effects of multiple medications, fatigue, stress and poor lifestyle habits are the contributors to such a gynecological problem.

Despite such factors, it is still possible to bid goodbye to your irregular periods. Some natural remedies straight from your kitchen can work wonders to combat this problem. Let’s see what these are!

  1. Adding parsley leaves in your salads or meals can help regulate your menstrual flow. Parsley leaves contain ingredients that help increase estrogen levels. 
  2. The carotene content in ripe papayas benefits one from irregular menstruation. 
  3. Ginger is rich in magnesium and vitamin C, which also fights against irregular menstruation. 
  4. Regular consumption of cinnamon increases blood circulation in the body, which regulates menstruation. 
  5. Adding a moderate amount of turmeric in your dishes can also keep your menstrual process stable. 
  6. Eating pineapple also helps relieve the problem of irregular menstruation.
  7. You can also get benefits from consuming beet juice or beet salad. 
  8. Regular consumption of aloe vera juice helps maintain the hormonal balance and eliminates menstrual problems as well. 

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