Foods you should say no to before and after Yoga

The rise in busyness in people’s hectic schedules have simultaneously contributed to increased stress, anxiety and many other physical illnesses. One of the best mindfulness activities health experts recommend is making a habit of doing Yoga part of your daily regime to stay mentally, physically and emotionally healthy. However, not just Yoga, bringing radical changes in your diet is also essential. 

On the occasion of International Yoga Day, experts have listed out a few foods that should and should not be eaten post and prior to doing exercises. What kind of diet you should resort to before and after Yoga determines the condition of your health.

  1. Don’t keep your stomach full before you start with Yoga and it is advisable to always prefer light meals over heavy foods. Protein bars, protein shakes, smoothies, dried fruits, fruits, salads, coconut water, fruit juices, yogurt, etc can be eaten before yoga. Ensure that you eat 45 minutes before yoga. Yoga exercises should not be done immediately after eating. 
  2. Do not eat or drink immediately after doing yoga. Health experts suggest taking rest for at least 15 minutes and then drink water. One can eat food 30 minutes after exercises. If you do yoga in the morning, you can eat poha, sandwiches, oats, fruits, boiled eggs, salads, smoothies and can prefer vegetables, rice, Indian breads after doing yoga in the afternoon. On the other hand, you can eat upma, soup, chicken and eggs if you prefer exercising in the evening.
  3. You must remember not to resort to spicy, oily or sugary foods before and after doing Yoga. You may want to relish cupcakes or milkshakes, but that wreck havoc to your health. Additionally, processed foods are complete ‘no no’. Make sure that the purpose for which you are doing yoga does not go in vain due to your wrong dietary habits. 

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