Avoid these foods during monsoons to keep yourself health and happy

As romantic as the rainy season sounds, it can invite a number of diseases putting a toll on your body and health. Cold, seasonal flu, cough and fever are common during monsoons. Although medicine temporarily subsides the infection, permanent dependence on them wreck havoc to your health. Hence, resorting to some home remedies to stay away from the diseases is a wiser and healthier option. Nutritionists suggest to avoid certain foods especially during this season to keep the seasonal infections at bay.

  1. Avoid consuming green vegetables like spinach, cauliflower, cabbage, capsicum. Various pesticides are used for the cultivation of such vegetables during monsoons. Excess consumption can lead to bacterial infection. 
  2. Nutritionists also recommend avoiding consumption of brinjals in this season. Pesticides called alkaloids are used during the cultivation of brinjals to eliminate pests during monsoon. Its excess consumption can cause skin rashes and nausea.
  3. One must also avoid eating mushrooms in monsoon as it can cause stomach ailments.
  4. Avoiding the consumption of seafood including crabs and shrimps may keep you in a good shape.
  5. Bacterial infection is also cause by eating excess oily and spicy meals. Say no to them as well or limit its consumption. 
  6. Doctors also suggest avoiding drinking too much of aerated or any soft drinks to quench your thirst especially during monsoons as this could lead to stomach disorders and invite cough and cold problems as well.

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