These foods may protect you from cancer!

While no food can prevent cancer, a healthy diet can help reduce the risk of the disease. A proper balance of consuming two-thirds of plant-based diet and one-third of meaty items is a perfect combination for a healthy eating habit. According to nutritionists, foods rich in antioxidants should be consumed on a regular basis. Besides, there are some other healthy options that health experts recommend to ward away the risk of cancer.

1. Walnuts are one of the best forms of dry fruits that is rich in omega three fatty acids. Regular consumption of walnuts helps reduce the risk of breast, prostate and colon cancer. Eating a handful of walnuts can also boost memory.

2. Low in fat, pulses are a rich source of fiber and protein. According to experts, fiber-rich foods are great at reducing the risk of various types of cancer. Pulses are loaded with proteins that help in muscle strengthening and repair skin tissues.

3. Oats also contain fiber and antioxidants that can protect one from the risk of cancer. Its regular consumption can help you aid weight loss and maintain heart health.

4. Nutritionists recommend including broccoli on your plate. The presence of essential nutrients in broccoli keep the risk of cancer miles away. 

5. Whether consuming in the form of salads or cooked vegetables, eating tomatoes regularly is also beneficial in combating cancer effectively, say nutritionists. 

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