This man drinks his own urine, says it’s good for mind and body

It indeed sounds awkward to hear of drinking urine. Right? But did you know, consuming urine is an age-old practice in many foreign countries?

Recently, a young man from England, Britain named Harry Matadeen has created a buzz on social media as he confessed of drinking his own urine. He claimed that this bizarre practice is healthy for both mind and body as it keeps stress away and cured his depression.

He also added everyday consumption of urine has made him look 10 years younger than his actual age. While Matdeen, 34, has been drinking his urine since 2016, he has advised others as well to adapt ‘urine therapy’. Matadeen consumes at least 200 litres of his urine every day.

Meanwhile, bottled urine is sold abroad at high prices at a cost of 1 pound and priced at Rs 768 in Indian currency. Infact, many prefer to prepare tea with urine. However, this practice can cause serious harm to the body.

According to scientists, drinking urine is ‘very harmful’. One may not even yield any health benefits as such from this liquid. Prolonged consumption of urine can cause serious damage to the body. According to doctors, the body releases contaminants and toxins through urine and its consumption for a long period of time can contribute to bacterial infection, formation of kidney stones and finally kidney failure. Drinking urine can also be a cause for dehydration, fever, fatigue, diarrhea.  

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