Young population at high risk of BP, stroke: Study

High blood pressure (hypertension) has become quite a common phenomenon today and very few know that it can kill you ‘silently’ if goes unaddressed. Many people suffer from the disease despite having any symptoms and this is the reason they do not visit their physicians for regular BP tests.

Regular check-ups of hypertension are as essential as your daily consumption of food before the situation gets worse.  

And the worrisome matter that is that many health care workers including doctors now say that cases of high blood pressure can be seen not only among the elderly but the young population is also at a higher risk of the disease. Number of young adults suffering from physical complication like stroke is also on the rise. Studies now show that high blood pressure is linked to dementia. Excess work pressure, sedentary lifestyle and poor dietary habits all contribute to high BP including stroke.

So what are the simple ways to control the diseases? According to doctors, regular blood pressure tests, balanced diet, stress-free living, practicing mindfulness including meditation and regular exercise are a must to embrace healthy living and keep such diseases at bay.

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