Here’s how you can identify ripped mangoes

Come summers and you will certainly be showered with mango love! Ripe or unripe – mango is a crazy delight for many. And why not? It’s delicious taste and full of juice do all the talking. Although shops are already full of mangoes, but it is important to take note of naturally ripped and artificially ripped mangoes. Understanding the difference between the two can help you assure that your hard-earned money doesn’t go in vain.

Health experts say that consumption of excessively ripped mangoes before the season can cause further deterioration of your health. So how to understand if a mango is ripe enough to eat? Here are a few tips:

  1. Mango exudes natural sweet aroma. The fragrance is a typical indication of its perfect ripeness. However, mangoes mixed with carbide are neither sweet nor delicious. Unripe mangoes emit fairly neutral smell.
  2. Artificially ripened mangoes are so hard that they tend to stick inside the teeth after eating.
  3. Ripe mangoes generally have a more intense yellow colour. Whereas, mangoes mixed with carbide are not yellow enough.
  4. Mangoes if ripped with carbide will always have a green colour in its skin.

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