Here’s why you are feeling tired despite recovery from Covid-19

The global population has been infected by coronavirus disease by now that either affected the cognitive functioning especially of the elderly or weakening the immune response of many. Although many have recovered, a significant segment of population continues to experience fatigue despite their recovery from the infection.

The problem is more prevalent especially among women. Health experts said iron deficiency in the body is mainly responsible for such physical exhaustion as it is one of the main reasons of fatigue and weakness.

What can happen?

You can understand whether or not you are suffering iron deficiency by looking at some of its symptoms. Feeling sleepy all day long despite getting enough sleep, feeling weak despite consuming healthy diet, feeling uncomfortable frequently, dizziness, body aches are some of the indications of iron deficiency. Moreover, frequent chest pain without any problems related to high blood pressure or heart disease is also one of its symptoms. 

What to do?

It is important you resort to a healthy meal from time to time in order to avoid iron deficiency and boost body’s immunity. Make it a habit of consuming foods rich in vitamin E every day. Soybeans, peanuts, walnuts, nuts, etc. are loaded with vitamin E. Including green vegetables, pulses and whole grains, dairy products, meat without fat and fish can also compensate for deficiency of iron.

Experts say that many people take supplements to combat iron deficiency. However, very few know that these supplements come with a number of side effects that can cause stomach aches, constipation and other related physical complications. So instead of supplements, change your diet and go natural. 

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