Texas gunman was bullied during childhood: Reports

The shooter, Salvador Ramos, who killed 19 kids and 2 teachers at a primary school in Texas on Tuesday, was bullied as a child over a childhood speech impediment and lashed out at strangers and peers before buying two semi-automatic rifles on his 18th birthday.

He walked straight into the Robb Elementary School in Texas carrying a handgun and a semiautomatic rifle and opened fire at the children.

Friends and relatives of Salvador, 18, described him as a loner who was bullied over a “childhood speech impediment" and "suffered from a fraught home life”. It is also believed that he dropped out of school due to repeated bullying.

“He missed long periods of high school and was not on track to graduate with them this year,” a report said.

Two parents who knew Salvador said that he was an aggressive man with a “temper” often shouting back at his mother and abusing her at his younger years. However, they expressed their shock on learning that he was the one to carry out such a horrific attack.

The state police also said that he critically wounded his grandmother at her house as well.

An international media house quoted one of his friends saying, “About a year ago, Ramos posted on social media photos of automatic rifles that 'he would have on his wish list'...Four days ago, he posted images of two rifles he referred to as 'my gun pics”.

Meanwhile, according to some other reports, Salvador had a really disturbed home life who had spent his entire childhood in solitude and had frequent quarrels with his mother who is allegedly a drug addict.

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