Russia makes fresh attacks in Kharkiv

At a time when Ukraine is gradually coming back to normal, Russia attacked the country’s Kharkiv area on Thursday killing nine people and leaving 17 injured, Kharkiv’s regional governor, Oleh Synehubov said.  

The attack included a five-month-old baby and its father who succumbed to the injuries. The mother of the baby is seriously injured. The Russian troops carried out the shelling in three areas of Kharkiv.

“There’s no logic to it, it’s just terror against the local population, to sow panic and to destroy critical infrastructure,” said Synehubov.

Additionally, while several houses were also damaged in the attack, Russian forces claimed that the attack was aimed at a Ukrainian military base. Meanwhile, they have intensified its offensive in the Donbas region east of Ukraine. A total of 40 cities have been damaged till now in the Russian shelling.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday accused Russia of carrying out “an obvious policy of genocide” in the Donbas region.

“All this, including the deportation of our people and the mass killings of civilians, is an obvious policy of genocide pursued by Russia,” said Zelensky.

After visiting the Ukrainian cities of Irpin and Bucha, the prime minister of Finland said the attack on Ukraine had changed the world's perception towards Russia. Meanwhile, both US President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke in one voice claiming Putin appeared intent on "trying to wipe out the idea of even being able to be a Ukrainian”. 

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