Deltacron cases found in the UK

New cases of another variant of coronavirus, Deltacron have emerged in samples in the United Kingdom, Britain’s health agency said. As declared by the global health experts, this variant - that has emerged as a cause of concern - exhibits characteristics of the previous strains, Delta and Omicron.

The hybrid variant is being monitored after the discovery of the cases. So far, no official announcement from UKHSA has been made regarding how contagious or dangerous this variant is.

While, Delta contributed to most fatalities, Omicron was highly infectious across the globe that drove Covid second and third waves respectively. However, despite the emergence of Deltacron, the daily infection is gradually decreasing in Britain.  

Deltacron variant was first discovered in Cyprus, late last year. Leonidos Kostrikis, a researcher at the University of Cyprus, claimed that his team identified 25 Deltacron cases. According to him, Deltacron is likely to be more powerful than Delta and Omicron. However, many research institutes have rejected Kostrikis’ claim.


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