Mudslides, heavy rains kill hundreds in Brazil


At least 110 people have died in the city of Petropolis in Brazil as of Thursday after massive rainfall triggered mudslides that washed away vehicles, flooded streets and buried homes. The natural disaster is thought to be due to climatic change.

The downpours that started on Tuesday exceeded the death toll till Thursday. Rescue work is in full swing. According to the Civil Defense of Rio, 134 people are still missing and an unfavourable situation could cause the casualties to rise. While more than 300 people have taken shelter in schools and elsewhere, many have been washed away or drowned in mudslides.

Petitions have been filed to stand by the victims. Local administration informed that about 80 houses were damaged. Rio de Janeiro Governor Claudio Castro described the situation in Petropolis as ‘war-like’ with cars hanging on the lamppost or overturned somewhere. Rescue operations by the fire department and local civil defense are in progress.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro tweeted that he had promised to help rebuild the affected area and visited the site on Friday after his return from Russia. Meanwhile, he has also instructed his cabinet members to stand by the side of the people affected by the disaster. The local administration has declared three days of mourning in Petropolis.   


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