Omicron's sub-variant could be even more contagious, found in 57 countries: WHO


Some studies have indicated that a new sub-variant of the highly infectious Omicron coronavirus strain could spread even much faster than the original version and has been detected in 57 countries.

First found in South Africa, Omicron has spread like wildfire around the world in just ten weeks, replacing the previous strain, Delta. According to experts, 93 percent of Covid sufferers are infected with Omicron. Although the outbreak was on the rise in the beginning of January, the current situation is largely under control.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has said traces of the four sub-variant of Omicron - BA.1, BA.1.1, BA.2 and BA.3 - have been found recently of which BA.1 accounts for over 94 percent of Omicron-infected people. However, BA.2 is learnt to be even more dominant and contagious which involves several mutations which is spreading exponentially in Europe and Asia.

Genomic sequencing test has found that this sub-variant of Omicron has already spread to 57 countries worldwide, WHO said, adding that this variant has also changed the structure of its gene 30 times. Experts have expressed concern over the rising rate of transmission in Britain, India, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The new variant cannot be 
detected through RTPCR test as well.

The health agency stated that “it is not yet time for any country to declare victory over Covid-19. Omicron is dangerous and its sub-variants are also gradually becoming dangerous”. 

WHO is currently monitoring four the sub-variants. It has been found that at least 39 percent of people are infected with Omicron's BA.2 variant and is further spreading at an unprecedented rate

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