Monkey pox spreads to three more countries

In the midst of coronavirus pandemic, monkey pox virus has added fresh worries among the health experts as the infection rate is on a constant rise throughout the world.  While the disease was reported in 19 countries on Tuesday, an international news agency confirmed on Wednesday that the virus had spread to three more countries adding 21 countries in total worldwide.

Monkey pox cases are the most common in Africa. However, its rapid spread in some European countries, North America and Australia recently has spread worries among the common people. The World Health Organization earlier confirmed 131 cases of monkey pox and an additional 106 suspected cases, in 19 countries. The number of monkey pox cases identified and suspected outside Africa so far stands at 237.

Health authorities worldwide are currently in talks to control the spread of the virus. Meanwhile, Germany has already announced about its purchase of 40,000 doses of the Imvanex vaccine, which is effective against both smallpox and monkey pox as well.

WHO has said that it is possible to control the outbreak of monkey pox virus in countries outside Africa where it is not commonly detected. There is no need for mass immunization in countries other than Africa. Proper hygiene and safe sexual behaviour will be effective in controlling the spread of the virus. According to experts, this outbreak, although not normal, it can still be controlled till now.  

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