About Us

1981 will ever be remembered in annals of Bengali Journalism because of the appearance of a new daily Aajkaal- which now happens to be the second oldest surviving Bengali daily of West Bengal. Mrs Gandhi a year before came back to power in Delhi, Jyoti Basu was firmly ensconced in writes buildings. Bengali readers were exasperated of the dishing out to the political gibberishes of two major Bengali dailies of the time which were nothing but rubbishes. At that time veteran Journalist late Gour Kishore Ghosh who underwent prison term because of his fiercely critique stand against Mrs Gandhi's authoritarian demonic emergency rule in mid 70s took the reins of a new daily and changed the Bengali Journalism forever. His able successor the new young sports Journalist Ashoke Dasgupta changed the very format of Bengali Journalism by giving sports, film, literature etc. equal if not more important positions than politics in the front page of Aajkaal. The Bengalis welcomed the new daily so heartily that within decade it became the second largest selling daily in the state. Subsequently in last 36 years Aajkaal published an evening daily Sandhya Aajkaal which is lapped up by the young readers. Besides several magazines like Susthyo, Safar, Khela too came out from the stable of Aajkaal. Aajkaal today is also available in website to millions of readers in Bengali Diaspora. Now, Aajkaal wants to reach out to its non Bengali readers who are aware of its unique content, but unable to read it because of language bar. Our Mission is to reach all Bengali and non Bengali readers within and outside the country and our Vision is to unfurl the flag of new Journalism by indomitable Aajkaal.